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Friday, October 1, 2010

Visiting the Garden of Flora Movie

These are pictures I put together for Flora .
She has been extremely busy this year keeping her yard and garden looking wonderful . Still not slowing down.
She started out with a smaller place in the garden but filled it to the rim. I hope you enjoy this little movie .
till next time Peace.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sharing Flora 's garden

I am very fortunate and blessed to make a new friend . My neighbor that lives above me . Her name is Flora and she is 83 years young! Her daughter hired me to help clean up the yard for it's mowing of the spring and to get the garden ready for the year.
She has a great raised garden which she was excited to get started. Unfortunately she was very weak from being sick over the winter. She has very Loving children but they knew they would not be able to get that garden up and running for her the way she wanted with their own lives being so busy.
As I stood there pulling weeds from the garden I thought back on the wonderful raised garden Carl my Sweetheart had went we met. We have not had a garden in years of renting. Now we are buying our place!
  We had just moved here in Jan. with no intentions of trying to garden this year, because we knew it would take a while to get our yard under control enough to even think about a garden?
Then her daughter Lane told me , I needed to see her Mother's frig door . She said ," You know how most women her age would have pictures of their Grandchildren , Her's is covered with Garden pictures!"
Well the more i thought on it the more i knew that I needed to talk to Carl and see if He would be interested in Sharing a garden with Ms Flora ?
Well that's what happened !
We started out with the garden spot below in April . Wait till You see what happened!

June 2nd in The Yard and Garden of Flora ...

I have been too busy to get on here lately! I have been taking coffee breaks and peeking in.. I hit the garden first thing this morning.
I was out the door playing in the yard first planting seeds for radishes ,carrots, lettuce and some marigold plants at the front door it stays shaded there most the time. I know it's really too hot for them but I got the seeds for 4@ $1 so If I get just a little, I'll make my money back. I dug the spot up trying to get all the poison ivy and other vines from growing through my house walls the way they did last year! ugh So I had to fill that space with something and those seeds were all fast growers !!
then I was off to the garden.
We have 4 rows of green beans , lots of tomato plants ,at least 4 kinds of peppers , zucchini , pickling cucumbers , yellow squash , dill , and marigolds to keep the bugs out! think that's all. oh yes we also have about 30+ tomato and ?? pepper plants that came up from the fruits of last year! She has a soaker hose through the whole thing , and well water! Those are some Happy plants.
I took pictures today . I asked Flora for permission to make a blog Dedicated to her Garden. I took shots before so I am going to try to put some up as it grows ! She's teaching me a lot .Going to teach me how to can too.
After supper . I was trans planting morning glories and marigolds , then watering everything, last night at 8:30 ! I am looking forward to all the stuff coming up.

tips for the garden

Adapted from A Year on The Garden Path, by Carolyn Herriot (Earthfuture/Lantern, 2005).
So often the home garden pest control remedies work as well or better than the chemical counterparts, and with the added bonus that with these formulas made of kitchen cupboard ingredients, you don’t need to worry about poisoning yourself, your pets, or your garden!
Print out these five standby remedies for yard and garden, including a natural fungicide for mildew and black spot:

Simple Soap Solution
2 Tbs. soap flakes or dish soap can be used
2 litre warm water
Dissolve soap flakes in water and apply directly to infested areas every 5-7 days. Note: Too much soap can cause burning on plants.
Pests affected: aphids, spider mites, and whiteflies.
Garlic Oil Spray
10-15 cloves of minced garlic
2 tsp. mineral oil
600 ml water
1 tsp. liquid dish soap
Soak garlic in mineral oil for 24 hours. Strain garlic out and add 600 ml water and 1 tsp. liquid dish soap. Mix thoroughly. Spray plants with this solution.
Pests affected: Aphids, spider mites, and whiteflies

Fungicide for Mildew and Black Spot
1 tsp. baking soda
1 litre water
1 tsp. soap flakes
Dissolve baking soda in 1 litre of warm water.
Add soap flakes to help solution cling to leaves. Remove infected leaves from plant, then spray top and bottom of remaining leaf surfaces to control spread of the disease.

Sticky Traps
1-2 Tbsp. Vaseline or preferably, Unpetroleum Jelly
4”x8” plastic cards or cardboard , If you can find a piece that is yellow that is better then you don't need the paint
Waterproof yellow paint
Apply paint onto both sides of the card and let it dry. Once the paint is dry, apply
Unpetroleum Jelly liberally over both sides of the card. Place the card just above the plant canopy.
Pests controlled:Flying pests, such as fungus gnats, and whiteflies.

Sowbug Traps
1 small plastic container with lid
2 Tbsp. cornmeal
Cut a small hole at the base of the container, large enough and close enough to the bottom to allow sowbugs to climb in. Place cornmeal in container. Place container into area infested with sowbugs. After feeding on the cornmeal, the bugs will drink and then explode! (Replace cornmeal frequently.)

a day in the garden...June 7 ,2009

June 7 , I just got out of the garden and was itching from the tomatoes bad till I washed up.
Flora and I were out there about 2 hours! She's good for me . I have to get up at 6 just to get woke up and motivated for the exercise ahead! LOL
Just knowing she'd want to sneak out there by herself , which we all have begged her not to. I was knocking at here door at 8am letting her know I was going out there.
Her beans are over our heads already , making a canopy over the top on strings. it looks so cool, feels pretty cool too up under there !!
The cucumbers are almost to the top off a 4 foot fence. We have tomatoes over our heads too! Carl's going to spray it for bugs today ,the squash is getting eat up. I was so mad i was smashing them in my bare hands this morning ! I found 3 sets mating so I was killing 2 at a time then!!
We have gotten 3 good zucchini and 1 squash and 2 peppers so far. but lots coming!!
I am trying to get all this stuff on a blog but ain't got there yet. Soon though.
That's some good therapy and exercise for me too. I have enjoyed learning from Flora too!
I am going to try to make myself stay in today and get some work caught up on here and get some more pressing done. I pulled grass for 7 hours off and on yesterday , I am a little sore.

Oct 20,2009

Well we just went up to Flora's  to work a while in the garden to pick peppers and start breaking it down for the winter. Carl took about 4 wheel barrel loads of debris out of there of dead plants  while I took out a heaping wheel barrel full of half dead Marigold plants with loaded  seeds ! We took them down to the pipeline and scattered them!
We are going to wait for the 1st hard frost then take up the pepper plants and mulch it with 2 truck loads of mulch. Then this spring we will turn it then mulch again! Then start Planting again!!