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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Early April at the "carpeted" Garden of Flora

Hello Everyone ,thanks for dropping by to see what is going on this year at the
"Garden of Flora". It is July now , The gardens are going crazy ,but we are getting little rain and record breaking temperatures all Spring and now here in the summer!  I am just getting caught up myself with my own garden and we finally got blessed with rain.
So I decided to get this blog caught up for the time . the next 4 blogs are from April till the end of June  . Be sure to click the older post button to see the last of the post from today ...
Enjoy .

It is April 2011
The forsythias is blooming on the way to Flora's  

Here's is the bench Carl made for Flora's Shady area

Now for the new project 

Just getting started blooming

She's steady working ...

I love this shot , Hands on the hips thinking what to do next?

these carpeted rows will be nice !

Between soaker hoses and the carpet this garden will Jump .

While putting the carpet down Carl found a small worm snake
Flora does not like snakes ,even the good ones! So I am taking it to our garden !

you can click the pictures to enlarge

the little snake is pointing to the other

here it is ...

these get about 2 feet I think ,it is near grown.

It took some time to cut all this ...

Look at that carpeted garden ,weeds will be easy to take care of now!

Plotting the next step ...
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April and May was a busy time at the garden of Flora

 I am playing catch up right now ...It is July and I am trying to get April and May stuff posted so bare with me because this lady is an inspiration to us all! BTW we had a huge Tornado come through and tore  our town up April 17th about a 1/4 mile from here and this little lady was up in house with a dog and we did not know it till much later .She is TOUGH! 
April and May

It has been hot here in mid North Carolina , even though it is Spring we are having temps in the high 80's and 9o's. We have had very little rain and it is hard to keep things watered enough to keep it growing.
But that does not stop Flora . She is in her 80's now and has a lovely yard and a Fabulous raised garden that would be the envy of any gardener.

this is Flora's home

this is Flora's Garden this year starting out , Carl and I have put old pieces of carpet down and helped get her ready for action! She adds this to keep weeds down in the middle of her rows to keep grass down and help with moisture!

She and Carl are up there plotting more I am sure !

I see Ginger our dog is on patrol already !

She already has some things planted and ready for more !

Here are some things in her yard as I head up  the hill !

She has some beauty's blooming

Here is her garden now at April 27th

She is also a a Sewing Queen , among many things she makes Quilts and this is her barn quilt patch !

taters anyone !

Ginger on patrol , She takes her job serious !

Pretty cabbage row
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We enjoy working and sharing with Flora . She teaches us too! She is a Dear friend ! We don't want payment just share some of those vegis and knowledge and we will be happy !
Now for June ! 

the first weeks of June around the "Garden of Flora "

We are heading up the hill to Flora's to see what is going on up there?

Well I see she brought some beautiful Lilies home ...

The Garden is sure looking good !

The squash are in bloom and a lot more  .

These blooms are the size of my hand and everywhere !

Look at the size of these tomatoes and they are not through growing.
This one is about the size of 2 of my fist together !

This is the back shot of the garden

The Green beans are blooming and the bees are pollinating .

This is Zucchini Squash

Zucchini bloom

Cucumber vines are blooming

there are bell peppers and tomatoes

Happy cucumber vines

the yellow squash is going crazy !

Now this is a yellow squash bed

come on beans !
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